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  • Question: (This is very personal but I would appreciate an answer) When I was like 5 I was v curious of what was 'down there' so I would always tug on it and i stopped when I was 7 and now my labia minora looks disgusting , do you know if they have surgery or some technique to fix the appearance? I'm disgusted I might never have sex because of It. This is embarrassing to ask even on anon jfc - Anonymous
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    Tugging at genitals is a total normal thing for young children to do. Most young kids do it. Tugging at your bits wouldn’t have caused them to change shape or size. It’s all genetics. As you grow up and develop, so does your vagina. Porn, media, society likes to lead up to believe that girls have nice near and tidy vaginas with everything tucked inside the labia majora. For most girls, that’s not true. It’s actually completely normal an rather common to have labia that stick out, has an unusual shape or appear a darker color. I promise you your labia minora is not disgusting. Every vagina is different, you just have to learn to embrace and love all your bits! Even the ones that don’t look the way we wished they did.

    To answer your question though, yes, there is surgery. It’s call a labiaplasty. Basically they cut away the excess tissue and reshape whatever they can. The surgery is rather controversial though and many doctors don’t do it. It can cause loss of sensitivity, it can leave you rather deformed if not done correctly and is irreversible. It also leaves you susceptible to infections until it heals, with can take a long time.
    At the end of the day the surgery is your choice but I hope you don’t find it necessary.

    You and your parts are all beautiful. There is no correct way for vaginas to look because they’re all unique. Most people aren’t put off by larger lips either.

    Love yourself :)

    I actually needed to see this. I’ve felt the same way about mine - I have always hated it and thought it was my fault. No ex-girlfriend has made me feel like less for it, but I have always considered reshaping surgery anyway. This right here helped some.

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"I think there comes a time when you meet someone and you just want to make them smile for the rest of your life."

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RIP Supreme Court

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seeing people troll hobby lobby and scotus brightens my day

Am I the only one who thinks that people should be responsible for their own birth control, and not rely on their employers, or… Am I missing something about this whole debate?

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It has been decided. My future wedding will definitely have a zombie theme.



In today’s special comic, I give you all a rare look into my very personal brainstorming journal.

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Some lucky boy’s about to hit the honey pot. The winner will receive an evening of my company. I’ll bring everything you see here, plus, everything you don’t. 

Favorite Batman villainess.

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